Hidden gas frees (debit/credit hold)

I didn’t know anything about this until a few days ago. During the last two to five months I have had the problem a few times when my bank, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, about my account going into over draft and only because of a few dollars (one time it was only 60 cent).  Well this happened twice within the last two months and I went into the bank complaining about it because I make sure I have what I need before I leave the house so I make any transfers I think I’ll need, so I know right about where my account is. I kept arguing with them telling them I know what’s in there because I check and add what’s needed before I do anything. The second to last time this happened I made sure I was opted out of everything especially the over-draft privileges which allows me to go over $500 if needed (what ever my purchase plus their OD free of $30). Recently this happened again after I knew I had put money into my account, so I drove up to the bank to see what was going on…again. They kept trying to tell me I just wasn’t keeping close enough track of my account balance when I knew better; also that I wouldn’t have to pay cost of the od even though my account was negative a few dollars which meant I had to may that amount again to make my account positive, plus what ever I put in my account from there for what ever I need to get so would have still had to pay that negative balance back. The lady I talked to this time was the same one I talked to last time so we had already been around this circle, only this time we got somewhere useful. She talked to someone above her and they looked deeper into my transactions and saw there were a few places where I had gotten gas that had held two $90 holds on my account until the transactions were authorized as valid on my account. This made my account balance fluctuate making it had to see what was really in there.


Something else I should add was I used my card at the pump, I didn’t go inside and tell them how much and I had only gotten $5 for gas.

So I learned not to pay out side any more at all, and if you DO use your card inside be sure to tell them how much and what pump. But it’s safer all around to use cash, which I still don’t by force of habit and convenience.




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My name is William Jay Kidd Jr. I am from Fairhope, Alabama but have spent most of my life living in Robertsdale, Alabama. I was born on the night of May 10th 1988 at 9:35 pm in Thomas Hospital. When I was 17, during the early winter of that year I discovered the sport of gymnastics and little did I know at the time the sport would become my life. I have never taken any classes since I was never able to. However I am not studying to become a gymnastics teacher and hope to use this amazing sport one day to reach out to many people with it. I also practice meditation from time to time and believe in many spiritual things such as the higher self and the chakra system. My favorite type of music is rock and metal though I do listen to a little hip hop. I love books and reading but sadly I don't do much of it. I was attending University of Phoenix for Computer IT, but have taken a break to focus on other things. This is my blog and I will be posting regular updates and video when I can or things about it. My blogs normally don't go very far.

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