It’s not about race


Almost everyone has turned this into a race issue: “if it was a white man shot or suffocated by a cop this wouldn’t be going on, no one would really care”. Even if there are people turning this into a race issue, we still don’t have to look at it that way. The fact of the matter is two men (and many more unreported of different sexes, races, and religions) lost their lives to police action when the situation could have and should have been handled differently. THAT is what we need to be looking at, not the color of the skin of those standing up and presuming it all to be a racial issue. Yes there are a lot more blacks (from what I have seen) protesting these matters than white but from where I stand and least they have the balls to do something about an issue this nation obviously has.

Regardless if the protesting is over race, we don’t have to see it like that. We have the option to see is has a problem being brought to light and stood up against. THAT is revolution over tyranny. THAT is more of what we need. People spend more time bitching about the way the world is rather than doing anything about it. Well guess what, something is being done about it. And change in this world is never pretty so get ready for hell.


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About William.Kidd

My name is William Jay Kidd Jr. I am from Fairhope, Alabama but have spent most of my life living in Robertsdale, Alabama. I was born on the night of May 10th 1988 at 9:35 pm in Thomas Hospital. When I was 17, during the early winter of that year I discovered the sport of gymnastics and little did I know at the time the sport would become my life. I have never taken any classes since I was never able to. However I am not studying to become a gymnastics teacher and hope to use this amazing sport one day to reach out to many people with it. I also practice meditation from time to time and believe in many spiritual things such as the higher self and the chakra system. My favorite type of music is rock and metal though I do listen to a little hip hop. I love books and reading but sadly I don't do much of it. I was attending University of Phoenix for Computer IT, but have taken a break to focus on other things. This is my blog and I will be posting regular updates and video when I can or things about it. My blogs normally don't go very far.

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