Weapons of mass Deception



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Do you know who controls your news networks and daily media?

In 1917, J.P. Morgan’s Interest purchased twenty-five of the most influential daily presses, rewriting the policy and hired new editors to insure the press released was kept within the new policy, gaining control of the newspapers the public placed their trust in. Shortly after the new policy of the press was purchased and in place, Morgan’s lawyer Elihu Root, along with John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warburg founded the Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR). All though these three were the initial creators, hundreds more would eventually join through invitation.


CEOs of top corporations such as AOL, Comcast, 21 Century Fox and many others, along with their respective sub companies of which are corporate media, are now members of the CFR. These members have the power to, analyze, translate, and write the policy as they see fit, which means they control what to report and how to report it.


(The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by congress and became a private banking system for J.P. Morgan interest, John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warburg. David Rockefeller, John Rockefeller’s son, and descendants of J.P. Morgan and others inherited the private banking system. Since the Federal Reserve funds the U.S. Government the same individuals who own it they practically own the government. They also own the CFR)

Follow this link for the full members list:



Follow this link for a full list of the corporations :




Millions of Americans watch the news everyday to get informed on what’s going on both locally and internationally. How can you trust the mainstream media if the corporations airing the news govern power over the press? You can’t. And it’s a direct violation of the 1st Amendment: freedom of press.



So why control the media? When you control the media you control the minds of the public. With that control you can influence the public’s beliefs and opinions on what goes on in the world around them.


Karl Marx, a German economist and political philosopher, and Friedrich Engels founded the philosophy of Marxism. Marxism is the reforming of society based on the working class, economy, political, and ideological structures. Historical communists such as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler carried out this philosophy. The same principles of this philosophy are being used today in America.


Bill O’Reilly admits the media manipulates the ideology of the people:





At 21 minutes and 23 seconds (the time the video to the link starts), David Rockefeller unknowingly unveils the plans he and other elitists have had in mind for society, a plan in which the media has kept quiet about because the same people own it:



Another prime example is here. Two reporters for Fox New investigate milk for their primetime show, only to be shut down and threatened by Monsanto and Fox News it’s self because they didn’t want the truth getting out on a product both companies make millions on:





How often does the media report good news? How much violence is displayed on your television? Coincidence? One of the best ways to control someone is through fear, and a nation oppressed by fear is not free. Because of its corporate owners, the media has enslaved the nation through fear mongering. In order to take back our rights, liberties, and freedoms gifted to us in the U.S. Constitution and our founding fathers, we need to break our hypnotic trance the media has induced us in and wake up. The tyranny needs end.




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