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Turning waste into renewable resources


Algae systems has developed great working technologies to take municipal waste-water and turn it into clean drinking water, fuel, and fertilizer without wasting resources and is also cleaning the environment.

This is a cool solution

My home ac unite broke last year so I’ve been trying to find ways to keep cool in the summer heat because I can’t afford a new unite for $2,000. So here is a solution for under $20. Found another one like this except it used a styrofome cooler instead of a bucket.

Why recycle when you can feed the fungi?

Companies are advertising they are making up to 70% of their bottles from plants now. But even with this effort is it doing any good for the environment? Is the effort of even trying to recycle doing any good? We still have endless landfills full of trash. But, there may be a solution to the plastic problem. Now if we could just USE this solution.

How to make a cheap solar panel

Not everyone has wealthy income; I know I don’t. For those of us who don’t, here we go. Or someone who is just experimenting and learning and doesn’t want to be too costly in a new field.

Saving the rainforest one drop at a time

This was just shared with me and I’ve been talking about harvesting rainwater for useful purposes all day. This is just awesome and something we should make more use of. And not just for our selves but the ecosystem.

A simple way to harvest natural rain water

I’ve been thinking about ways to lower the cost of my water bill but I can’t afford a company manufactured water tank and system. This is a pretty cheap and innovative solution to harvest natural rain water for any purpose that is practical for whatever your cause. However before using I would take a sample to your local environment office to see how safe it is after the filtration.

A Thirst Quinching Innovation

Front image_drinking-water

Having clean and sustainable resources is one of the hardest things to get out hands on today. Luckily, there are those rare few who are innovative enough to create resourceful solutions for our problems, especially those living in poverty with a more harsh way of live.