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Learning the Code

We don’t often think about it because we aren’t taught to think in these terms, but much like computers we are instilled with programs throughout the years of our lives, starting from an early age. These programs can be anywhere from religion, academics, social structures,  and what type of up brining you went through and the all around environment you experienced. But much like actual computer code, these other programs we have installed in our minds also have structures or building blocks in which make them up. But can these programs be altered in any way or uninstalled all together? Definitely an interesting concept to explore. One thing make have noticed as we move further along in our technological age, is that much of our technology mimics that of the natural world. Coding is only one facet of many of that reflection.

Check out this brief video on coding and how coding affects the social structure and world around us, and what we can do to change it.


Even though just about everyone has a computer in some form or another, not many actually know how they work, and sometimes how to even work them. These individuals created a very simplistic way to teach everyone from all ages to understand and build a computer, as well as the programming involved in these machines.

It’s not about race


Almost everyone has turned this into a race issue: “if it was a white man shot or suffocated by a cop this wouldn’t be going on, no one would really care”. Even if there are people turning this into a race issue, we still don’t have to look at it that way. The fact of the matter is two men (and many more unreported of different sexes, races, and religions) lost their lives to police action when the situation could have and should have been handled differently. THAT is what we need to be looking at, not the color of the skin of those standing up and presuming it all to be a racial issue. Yes there are a lot more blacks (from what I have seen) protesting these matters than white but from where I stand and least they have the balls to do something about an issue this nation obviously has.

Regardless if the protesting is over race, we don’t have to see it like that. We have the option to see is has a problem being brought to light and stood up against. THAT is revolution over tyranny. THAT is more of what we need. People spend more time bitching about the way the world is rather than doing anything about it. Well guess what, something is being done about it. And change in this world is never pretty so get ready for hell.

Publics trust in media at an all time low

The people of society are starting to wake up and realize the media doesn’t report the actual truth, but only what they want you to know. Hopefully the number of people who don’t trust the media will continue to grow.



More updated and elaborate post coming soon.

Hello No to GMO

The battle against Monsanto and other GMO companies is finally starting to head in the right direction. One county in Oregon just passed a bill where GMO is now banned; another county is about to have a court battle. Let’s hope they win.

Human evolution: Where is it going?

I have been seeing a lot of posts and articles on technological enhancements to the human body, and some of it’s getting kind of scary. Apparently them natural process of evolution is too slow for modern science, so their going to do what they can to speed things up a bit. Honestly I don’t see a good future coming out of this path.

Worlds within worlds

We humans have a recorded history dating back approximately 6,000 years ago, and science has only been around for a few thousand years. It took us a while to really get the ball going, first having major discoveries once or twice a century, but now we seem to be having them every few months and even daily. Yet we still know almost nothing about the known universe on both it’s infinitely large scale, and infinitely small scale.

what’s in your soda?

Companies, no matter where they are located throughout the world, don’t seem to be concerned with the health risk of the public as long as they make their money. So not only does this site give you some interesting info on the Cola and Pepsi products in India, it’s lay out features are nifty also.

The truth about Fluoride is washing up

They’re finally admitting Fluoride isn’t doing any good for you at all, but only hurting you.

Hidden gas frees (debit/credit hold)

I didn’t know anything about this until a few days ago. During the last two to five months I have had the problem a few times when my bank, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, about my account going into over draft and only because of a few dollars (one time it was only 60 cent).  Well this happened twice within the last two months and I went into the bank complaining about it because I make sure I have what I need before I leave the house so I make any transfers I think I’ll need, so I know right about where my account is. I kept arguing with them telling them I know what’s in there because I check and add what’s needed before I do anything. The second to last time this happened I made sure I was opted out of everything especially the over-draft privileges which allows me to go over $500 if needed (what ever my purchase plus their OD free of $30). Recently this happened again after I knew I had put money into my account, so I drove up to the bank to see what was going on…again. They kept trying to tell me I just wasn’t keeping close enough track of my account balance when I knew better; also that I wouldn’t have to pay cost of the od even though my account was negative a few dollars which meant I had to may that amount again to make my account positive, plus what ever I put in my account from there for what ever I need to get so would have still had to pay that negative balance back. The lady I talked to this time was the same one I talked to last time so we had already been around this circle, only this time we got somewhere useful. She talked to someone above her and they looked deeper into my transactions and saw there were a few places where I had gotten gas that had held two $90 holds on my account until the transactions were authorized as valid on my account. This made my account balance fluctuate making it had to see what was really in there.


Something else I should add was I used my card at the pump, I didn’t go inside and tell them how much and I had only gotten $5 for gas.

So I learned not to pay out side any more at all, and if you DO use your card inside be sure to tell them how much and what pump. But it’s safer all around to use cash, which I still don’t by force of habit and convenience.

Anti-GMO activist

CNN finally had a topic worth discussing, but the other people seemed to ridicule her and claim it as joking.