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If you know now what you knew then, would you make a difference?

If you know now what you knew then and didn’t do anything differently once you learned what you now know, you’re in the same place now as you were then. The only thing that has changed is you know know what to act on, whether or not you do is the personal choice you have to make. But any choice you make, not matter how personal, affect more than just you. And you don’t have to know the people that are affected for them to be affected…..Act wisely. For you don’t know who’s life you’ll change, directly or indirectly. Those lives may come around your way one day, in a positive or negative way depending on the actions (or lack of) you took based on what you knew.


Randomness is an illusion



Nothing in the universe is random; everything is place on a set course.

Consciousness is a tool

Molecular Thoughts

Scientists have yet to be able to put their finger on what THEY would prove to be consciousness, so therefore no one really knows; everything still lies in the realm of theory.

So here is my suggested theory:


Consciousness, or self awareness, is a tool. How you use it, or further how you learn to use it, determines it’s efficiency.