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Police brutality happens, don’t just watch, act

I just got through watching this video and I noticed something. Yes, police brutality has become a major problem not just in this country but world wide. But many of these video we don’t know the surrounding circumstances either (in most cases police activities are uncalled for and should be dealt with).  But as you watch these videos, look at how many people are just standing their trying to get the action on camera while the other person is being severely beaten. Two dozen people recoding the same cop beating a man or woman senseless isn’t going to do ANYTHING. Instead of recording and standing there like cowards they could have gotten together as one massive group and done something about what was happening to their fellow citizen. Not everyone has to record what’s going on so it can be a YouTube hit, no body cares about your YouTube popularity but you. So put away your damn phone and do something. We don’t need any more prof that the police force is corrupt. GET GET IT!

A perfect example is the ONE guy at the end. He stands up and speaks for the people. THAT is making a stand.

American Police Brutality Compilation:

Winter Solstice (3 days of darkness)


Today (winter solstice) and the next 3 days is the mythical 3 days of darkness. A lot of people have seen articles and web sites taking about this though they associate it with power black outs for 3 days which is obviously not true. The sun moves into its lowest point in the southern hemisphere and stays there for 3 days, then begins its year long ascension towards the northern hemisphere.  This is actually due to the tilt and wobble of the earth’s axis and has had many astrological as well as religious implications.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanuka, and all the other celebrations, and a happy new year!

Weather manipulation

And here is your “God controlled” weather. People need to realize we aren’t living in the dark ages any more. We understand much more about how the planet works now than ever, even though we are still ignorant about how we treat it and use technology. Geo-engineering is a real thing and we don’t know enough about the planet or the technology to properly use it.

So the next time you see some rain coming, realize it might now be God’s going.

Cultural Transition


We’re obviously in the midst of a cultural transition. The traditions, beliefs, and way of life everyone knows is fading away and new ones are coming in to replace them. It’s happened for centuries before us, and it will happen for centuries more to come.