The world is changing, and so are the people, sciences, culture, belief systems; society as a whole is changing its shape. Both individuals and the collective both get a sense that this is happening, the problem is we don’t seem to fully understand these changes or what is fully taking place.

Mainstream science has taken root and has placed a near permanent fix by creating and imbedding ideologies in the minds of the masses on what they believe (or what they want us to believe) on how our physical world works. But these beliefs are slowly changing and the real science behind the mechanics of our world is coming to light as we enter a new paradigm.

I have always had a deep, inner knowing the reality of the world we live in isn’t fixed and I have spent the last few years of my life studying the work of the scientists and researchers of have compiled astonishing evidence that our world is not as fixed as the academic books have taught us. I am not a scientist, in any sense. I simply study the science being presented and I want to share the information I have found and put together with everyone I can. The information can be very extensive but as it comes along you see it all eventually flows together as a whole working system.

So please bear with me as I share new information with you as most of it will probably sound like outrageous conspiracy theories, but I’m happy to ensure you they aren’t. The best part is, the more we begin to learn and understand these new sciences the more our belief systems will change along with our perception thus the more power we will have for creating the world we would like to see and live in instead of abiding by the rules of the current system that obviously isn’t working.





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